Dental care

Dental care 

Pet Dental Care | Vets In ChelseaPoor oral hygiene in both cats and dogs leads to a variety of problem, not just bad breath. The link between dental disease with heart and liver disease has led to an ever increasing awareness of the importance of dental care in pets, and of course preventative care is always best.

If your pet is showing any of these symptoms you should contact us for a check up.

  • Bad breath
  • Drooling of saliva
  • Pawing or rubbing the mouth
  • Chattering of the teeth, particularly at eating
  • Poor appetite
  • Brown or discoloured teeth
  • Bleeding gums

Prevention of dental disease is always a good first step with regular brushing of your pet’s teeth and we are happy to show you easy ways to do this. The use of dental chews and special biscuits will help.        

Pet Dental Care | Vets In ChelseaHowever, in some cases it may be necessary to give your pet a full dental scale. At the Brompton Veterinary Clinic we have a purpose-designed dental table and use  high frequency ultrasonic descaling equipment. In order to allow a full examination of the teeth and to thoroughly clean and de-scale teeth,  a general anaesthetic will be needed.