Pet Passports In Chelsea, West London

Pet Passports 

Kevin, Charlotte and Neil are registered with APHA as Official Veterinary Inspectors and are able to issue the new Animal Health Certifcates for EU travel , as well as any APHA Export Health Certificates (with the appropriate paperwork) that are required for world-wide travel. We can also issue the Veterinary Health Certificates that are required by any airlines you are using.

Since 2012, travel to Europe and North America has become relatively straightforward and the Pet Travel Scheme has allowed pets from all over the world to come into the UK, once they have met the special requirements.

With Brexit the rules have become slightly more complicated.

UK issued Pet Passports that were issued before 31st Jan 2020 will be valid for entry INTO the UK ( Parasite treatments1-5 days before entry into the UK will still be required ) however a new ANIMAL HEALTH CERIFICATE will need to be issued by us within 10d of travel each and every time a pet leaves the UK and enters the EU. These are a little complicated and we will need to be notified before the examination and issuance of these.

EU issued Pet Passports will continue to remain valid for travel out of UK into EU but also for travel into the UK from the EU. Parasite treatments1-5 days before entry into the UK will still be required.


For travel outside Europe, remember that in addition to the requirements of the UK, you must also meet the requirements of  the country you are traveling to as well as  the carrier you are using.


Please discuss your travel plans with one of our staff if you need any help.

 We also strongly suggest you check the requirements at the UK government site: